A New Look on Inspections

High resolution aerial imaging and aerial thermal imaging are ideal for inspecting infrastructure such as power lines, bridges, and construction projects due to its accuracy, efficiency, and significantly improved safety in the field. Our advanced platforms allow us to fly within feet of almost any inspectable component. 


Solar Panel (PV)

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We are radically transforming the way the solar industry monitors the health and operating efficiency of their PV plants. Through programmed flights, and revolutionary IR sensor technology paired with traditional RGB sensors, our team of industry professionals is able to scan acres of panels for anomalies (from individual module faults, to string and system faults) in a matter of minutes. Health checks provide analysis for vegetation shading, visual damage to panels, and a full thermal report identifying additional anomalies. 


Are you an O&M provider or site manager? We work nationally and provide very competitive quotes for recurring preventative maintenance, annual health checks, and storm damage assessments. 


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Empower your engineers and field techs while minimizing their exposure to risk in the field. Our team of UAV professionals can keep your team safely on the ground, while covering entire installments in minutes. Data is immediately accessible to provide the technicians with reliable information and facilitate decision making. 


Our UAV platforms, outfitted with industry leading cameras and sensors, can inspect your windmills for blade damage, cracks, and visual assessment after storm activities. By partnering with wind farms and O&M contractors, we are able to improve efficiency, provide digital records for insurance claims, and help monitor the general health of your equipment. 




Electrical power transmission inspection is an exceedingly hazardous industry, but thanks to our custom non-destructive UAV’s, no pilot or technician is ever at risk. In addition to close up visual inspection, our IR sensors can be used in tandem to traditional RGB, to detect degradations in insulation, disrupted conductors, vegetation overgrowth, and anomalies on hangers and general infrastructure. Avoid the expensive costs of manned platforms by integrating our UAV's into your current workflow.


Are you currently employing a piloted helicopter for your transmission & visual inspections?

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Key Advantages of UAV's:

  • Safety - Our team replaces the need to put technicians in dangerous locations
  • Cost Savings - UAV's provide the same high resolution imagery as manned platforms at a fraction of the price.
  • Maintenance - with significant cost savings realized, preventative maintenance schedules can be established more frequently to ensure proper operation.
  • Time Savings - the systems mobility and its ability to rapidly analyze data reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum.
  • Digital Back log - every analysis is turned over for digital record keeping & proof of inspection.